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Understand your business

During the Review Stage, we get to know your business and your desires for your business journey and future growth. Yes, we go deep because this is the time to plan what your business “could be like” so we can plan the journey that will support for future expansion.

Improve your business

After looking at your resources and understand your business workflow,
we will be able to go through In-depth planning with Creative techniques to Ensure a stress free automation satisfying all the stakeholders.

Automate your business flow

With all the planning and analysis in place, we will be deploying the suitable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your business flow. Stakeholders involved will be trained to handle the robot execution to reduce the manual Work, Time and random Error.

Improvement achieved after implemented Robots

Improvement in Productivity 90%
Improvement in Reduced Efforts 70%
Improvement in Error reduction 99%


Marketing Expert on Wheels
Centered ad display perfectly adapts to the customer's angle of view. The ad display can display promotional materials in the customized zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.
Automatic Navigation Planning
Laser & visual dual navigation solution helps to detect obstacles more accurately, making the robot safer.
Multi-robot Cooperation for Higher Efficiency
Powered by Our Scheduler system, the KettyBot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network.


More Orders
4*10kg infrared induction trays Twice the load capacity as manual delivery 20 Bellabots are supported to work at the same time Interaction functions bring special experience and attract more customers
Higher Efficiency
Deliver 400+ dishes in a single day Exchangeable battery allows 24 hours non-stop working Relieve staff from routine works Contactless delivery helps cut risk of infection
Intelligent Multi-function
Greeting Mode, Cruise Mode, Dish-return Mode, Delivery Mode, Birthday Mode, Direct Mode


Ultra-large Capacity
60Kg carrying capacity, volume of 120L, 4 large-capacity trays[1] , giving the restaurant a much better turnover. And it transfers medical stuff from the place of origin to the designated storage space with contactless delivery, helping to improve efficiency and lower infection rates.
Pager Function
Pudu HolaBot comes with pager function[2] , allowing you to call and assign tasks to the robot at any time.
Air Motion
No need to touch the buttons,efficient and contactless.
Sound Tracking
"Hola Hola" voice recognition, a 6-array omnidirectional microphone for the robot to locate sound source in real time and turn around intelligently.


Redefining Human-robot Relationship

Powered by industry-leading collision sensing technology and Pudu-developed advanced algorithm, SwiftBot aims at being the most intelligent and secure commercial delivery robot. SwiftBot can detect passer-by and initiatively make way for pedestrian in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, SwiftBot can conduct and complete its tasks with ease, while at the same time surprises you with its multifunctionality and high-reliability.
Realtime Visualized Status
Every step of SwiftBot is visible and understandable
Omnidirectional Perception Capability
Comprehensive utilization of sensing technology to secure safe deliveries
Initiative Make-way for Pedestrian
Improving efficiency and performance in rush hour


Super Suction Power

17000 PA
No stain left behind
Breakpoint Resume Cleaning

When the power is low and the cleaning task is not completed, CC1 can remember the cleaning progress and resume the previous unfinished task after fully charged.
Automatic Water Addition & Drainage

Large Capacity 15L clean water tank and 17L waste water tank with an exclusive workstation. Automatically fill and drain the water at the workstation [2] No manual intervention,worry-free and labor-saving.


IoT Technology

See FlashBot's Superpower The IoT technology allows operating instructions to be transmitted between FlashBot and other devices in the building via a cloud-based network connection. This enables FlashBot to take elevators automatically for delivery across floors.
Flexible and Efficient 3D Obstacle Avoidance

3*RGBD camera + Customized lidar empower FlashBot with accurate 3D perception to avoid low and suspended obstacles.


≤ 10 μm Dry Disinfectant Particles

≤10µm dry disinfectant particles ensuring full contact with microorganisms. Nearly 100% coverage as whole room disinfection allows thorough disinfection of difficult-to-reach places.
≤ 2.0 L/h Max Atomization Rate

4 mist outputs(adjuestable): According to the different application scenarios, the dry mist output can be conveniently adjusted to achieve excellent disinfection effect.
Ultraviolet C Disinfection 99.99% Disinfection Rate

4 x 36w ozone-free UV lamp equipped, achieving an industry leading ultraviolet illumination of 188μW/cm² [2] at 1 meter. The UV-C lamp is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, securing a 99.99% disinfection rate.

Our Core Expertise & Some Use - Cases

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