Apax Engineering

Apax Engineering understand your problems and try to help you to setup automation to achieve great improvement and efficiency. We help you to focus on: Get closer to customers and sell more, improve process and save money, and manage PDPA.

Customer Success: Find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers. Ensure sales and service is personal, relevant, and up to date

Service Management: Reduce the cost and time of manual services and workflows, manage clouds well and improve business operations.  Improve the internal customer experience

Apax Engineering EMail CRM Automation

★  User Security Log in:

★  POS System: consist of Inventory, Financial, staff management.

✓ POS system interface:

★  Program Functions and features Interface

✓ Let go through some of the module:

★  Reports

✓ grouping of the leads according to your preference:

You can view the best seller report to know which items is the best.

CRM Management helps your organisation to manage the leads with your team.

Market Competitiveness

We hear your pain and always keep ourselves update of the market. We’ve done the research and back the skills and tech we can bring to solve your problems. Best in market platforms + Best in market skills = Happy customers.

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