Apax Engineering

Apax Engineering understand your problems and try to help you to setup automation to achieve great improvement and efficiency. We help you to focus on: Get closer to customers and sell more, improve process and save money, and manage PDPA.

Customer Success: Find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers. Ensure sales and service is personal, relevant, and up to date

Service Management: Reduce the cost and time of manual services and workflows, manage clouds well and improve business operations.  Improve the internal customer experience

Game Changer for Corporate Users

★  Unlike Individuals, there is no limitation to number of mobile plan for company in Singapore.

Hence we unleash a mobile plan boast for the companies:

*300GB Data Plan

*10,000 Mins Outgoing call

*10,000 Outgoing SMS ( Most of the providers will slow down the outgoing SMS sending after 300 sms sent each day, this plan will be suitable for users sending greeting SMS to thousands of clients in a day)

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