Apax Engineering

Apax Engineering solves business problems using modern cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Zapier, ServiceNow. We help you solve three main problems: Get closer to customers and sell more, improve process and save money, and manage cyber threats.

Customer Success: Find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers. Ensure sales and service is personal, relevant, and up to date

Service Management: Reduce the cost and time of manual services and workflows, manage clouds well and improve business operations.  Improve the internal customer experience 

Respond rapidly to change: Cyber threat management, focus on your core business rather infrastructure

Why Apax Engineering?

★  Focus on Client Satisfaction

✓ Amazon, Microsoft and Google Partner

✓ Wide range of core expertise with teams in Singapore, Australia & India

✓ 95% customers come back for at-least second engagement

Our Partners

We are partners with leading cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Zoho. What does this mean to you? We are sold out to the leading cloud vendors. We’ve done the research and back the skills and tech we can bring to solve your problems.Best in market platforms + Best in market skills = Happy customers.

Success Stories

Our first customer success stories are being written at customer sites now. Do you want to be one of them?Here’s the deal: Sign up for a minimum deal and quote “CLOUD READY” to us and you’ll get a FREE three day “Cloud readiness assessment” & 15% off the services fee on the first project. 


Convinced? Let’s have a talk then.